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Do you really know our city?

January 17, 2018

We live in a city where every street corner has its own unique story. If a street had its own voice and spoke to us, what kind of stories would it tell us? 


A Story of Something Old


It fascinates me at times how much I really don't know my own neighborhood. I know we are always looking for great restaurants to eat, but do you know the name of the oldest restaurant in Surrey? The Old Surrey Restaurant, of course. (Yes, that is the actual name of the restaurant.) It was founded in 1975 by Spanish-born French chef Valentine Aguirre. This is fine dining at its best and it is right here in Newton. You wouldn't believe you are in Surrey when you step inside this restaurant. I have driven by this building so many times along the notorious 72nd Avenue and I would never have guessed that a posh restaurant like this existed inside the walls of the historical Newton house. You'd know where I want my next date to be. :)


 Now, Something New.


When I think of something new, I think of new beginnings.  And often new beginnings provoke a feeling of excitement and wonder when we feel that change is a good one. We know Surrey is changing drastically. Whether it is building new high-rises at the downtown core, new schools in the sprawling neighborhoods or new transit systems interconnecting major points of transportation, something new always bring about some tension among residences.  I am particularly referring to the Light Rail Train that is leaving local residents with mixed emotions. LRT is a ground-level train that has been proposed to run down busy arterial city streets between Newton and Guildford, and between King George Skytrain to Langley Center. The combined cost is estimated to be $2.6 billion. Against most popular belief, the LRT is much slower and less reliable than SkyTrain including having a small fraction of Skytrain's ultimate capactiy . Should we mention that LRT can be dangerous? It is a known fact that LRT systems with many at-grade crossings at intersections have high collision rate involving pedestrians and vehicles. On the positive note, this new transportation system would likely increase property value in neighborhoods close by to the stations.



Tell me what you think.


Until next time!



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